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Getting Custom with Custom MOD's FX + Modded Flex ATX, HDPLEX, and J-HACK

November 28, 2019

A small shop out of Ukraine, CustomMOD is no stranger to the SFF scene; having manufactured over a dozen different cases. We'll look at the 4.5L FLEX (FX) case, a mini-itx sandwich style case that supports ITX GPUs and a flex ATX PSU. I'll demonstrate builds that replace the flex ATX PSU with HDPLEX / J-HACK plugin units.

HDPLEX 200W NanoATX Combo - Almost Perfect

November 12, 2019

Over the years, HDPLEX has been iterating on creating on their 19v plugin, distro board, and ac-dc converter. The latest iteration of their DC-ATX plugin, is both the biggest in terms of power output and size. Combined with the 200w AC-DC, they are almost perfect as HDPLEX is known for their small form factor expertise, customer support, and quality products.

A look at J-HACK's ONE2 plugin and distro

October 30, 2019

J-HACK, the company behind an increasingly rich portfolio of small cases and 12v solutions, produces the ONE2 plugin (DC-ATX power) and ONE2 distro 400 (DC-DC distributor). I picked up these in a kit designed specifically for the Skyreach 4 Mini, and have been running them for a couple months, and believe these could be the future.

How to undervolt your ryzen cpu

October 18, 2019

Undervolting your CPU can make your system run cooler, quieter, and more efficiently. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of different ways to undervolt. This guide will help make the best decision depending on what's available for each system. Along the way we'll record monitoring data and benchmark scores to quantity the effect of undervolting.

How to undervolt your gpu

October 09, 2019

System running too hot? Power supply not powerful enough or dying? Pushing the power envelope? Undervolting your most power hungry component, which is more likely than not the GPU, can achieve power savings and reduce temperature all without sacrificing performance. And if you can tolerate single digit performance decreases, temperature and power savings can be tremendous

Why small form factor

October 07, 2019

SFF PCs are often disregarded in favor of gaming laptops or full sized ATX cases, but those alternatives have downsides where small form factor finds its niche: powerful, silent, and portable. Full sized ATX cases are space inefficient, bulky, and harder to work with, while gaming laptops are louder, barely more portable, and significantly more expensive. If exposed to SFF PCs, I believe more people would opt for them